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All you need - for a perfect start in your day!

Just one of our shots provides you with all the daily essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition, depending on the choice of your shot, your body will be supplied with highly functional herbal ingredients to keep you healthy, vital and fit.
No pills or uncertainty about which or how many supplements to take, with just one shot a day you are completely nutritionally supplied. And the best part? We use all-natural vitamins and organic ingredients of the highest quality and neither chemicals nor artificial additives. Due to our innovative manufacturing process and high-pressure treatment, all (!) ingredients and functional components are preserved, unlike conventional, heated products - fresher than homemade.

In addition, the bioavailability of the individual substances is increased, since nothing has been destroyed by heat. The highly functional ingredients such as astragalus, spermidine or japanese pagoda tree extract unfold their natural power and support the body for a long and healthy life. With each shot you are perfectly supplied and can choose what the shot should support! Whether healthy sleep or wonderful hair and beautiful skin, your immune system, a perfect body or anti-age, we take care of you and your health with the best organic quality made in Germany - every day!


Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. Our shot supports you with naturally contained astragalus, spermidin and the highly efficient antioxidant astaxanthin. Together with japanese cord tree extract and reishi mushrooms, we get the cell detoxification and cell rejuvenation going. Make your wish come true and stay young!


Restful sleep and balance are important to be efficient and successful in life. This is exactly what our shot achieves! The naturally contained active ingredients from sleep berries and passionflower together with B-vitamins and L-tryptophan form the perfect perfect synthesis, so that you can start every day full speed. Make every day your day!


Who doesn't dream of beautiful skin, full hair and perfect nails? Our shot promotes cell regeneration as well as detoxification of your body and supports you with coenzyme Q10, reishi mushrooms and hyaluron. Treat yourself to your daily portion of beauty, because you are worth it!


For a healthy body you need essential amino acids in exactly the right combination with vitamins and minerals. Our shot provides you with all eight amino acids, which can be optimally absorbed by the body through the addition of celery. You only have one body and it is your capital!


Our absolute health booster! This shot strengthens your immune system with ginger, turmeric, sea buckthorn and pineapple enzyme. In addition, naturally available iron ensures healthy blood. Start living a healthier life now, because "One shot a day keeps the doctor away!"
About us

The family tradition of developing high quality and healthy food products in Bavaria - since 1876

The herbalism of my great-grandmother.

Our goal has been to create the perfect food. Therefore, we combine the proven several thousand years old knowledge of medicinal plants of TCM and my granny’s experience of medicinal herbs of the Bavarian Alps with today’s most modern medical and nutritional science. Our Production in Germany uses innovative modern manufacturing processes, by which we have succeeded in producing food in such a way that all ingredients and functions are preserved, just like a freshly homepressed juice.

We achieve this by using modern high-pressure processes , so that not only all substances are preserved, but the bioavailability is even significantly increased.

We use only the best freshly pressed organic juices and purely natural vitamins, minerals and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, through which the body is completely and properly supplied with only one shot a day. By adding highly functional plant active substances our shots improve and prolong the health and life of our customers. We care for you - every day!

For this I guarantee with my name, Dr. Thomas Wunder.

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